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State Committeeman - Rick Watson,
State Committeewoman - Joyce Estes,

Precinct 1 - Eastpoint (Fire Department)
Liz Sisung,
Vacancy for 2 PCM, 1 PCW

Precinct 2 - Alligator Point (Mission by the Sea)
Diana Muroski,
Vacancy for 1 PCM

Precinct 3 - Apalachicola (Holy Family)
Brant S Banks, - FCREC Treasurer
Kristy Branch Banks, - FCREC Chairman
Vacancy for 1 PCM, 1 PCW

Precinct 4 - Apalachicola South of 98 (Holy Family)
John Helms,
Penny Nichols,

Precinct 5 - Carrabelle (Senior Citizens Center)
Cal Allen,
Julie Boisseau, - FCREC Secretary
George Finn, - FCREC Vice Chairman
Vacancy for 1 PCW

Precinct 6 - Lanark Village (Chillas Hall)
Bert Boldt,
Vacancy for 1 PCW

Precinct 7 - St George Island (SGI Methodist Church)
Dottye Thornburg,
Mike Thornburg,

Precinct 8 - Apalachicola (American Legion Hall)
Karl Ivey,
Vacancy for 1 PCW

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